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Youtube talks by Dr Paul A. Fox

My book Great Cloister, a lost Canterbury tale is organised by family

Here is an opportunity to understand how the cloister shields are linked together within each given bay.

Please click on the bay to go directly to the online talk.

14 of the projected 26 parts are currently available.

Part 1. Bays 1 to 9, 35 and 36: The South Walk and part of the East Walk



Part 2. Bay 10: The first fully heraldic bay



Part 3. Bay 11: The Courtenay Bay



Part 4. Bay 12: The Langham Bay



Part 5. Bay 13: King Aethelbert’s Bay



Part 6. Bay 14: The Bay of Nephews



Part 7. Bay 15: The York Bay

Parts 8-17  Not yet completed



Part 18. Bay 26: The new royal bay



Part 19. Bay 27: The Poynings family bay



Part 20. Bay 28: the Canterbury and Kent bay



Part 21. Bay 29: the Leventhorpe family bay



Part 22. Bay 30: the Bay of Reconciliation



Part 23. Bay 31: the Beaumont Bay



Part 24. Bay 32: The Royal Bay



Part 25. Bay 33: Archbishop Arundel’s family Bay

Part 26. Not yet completed


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