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Bay 33

Heraldic shields Bay 33 Great cloister Canterbury Cathedral

For my podcast on this the Family Bay of Archbishop Arundel, please click on this link

33/2    Holy Trinity

33/4    Plantagenet (Cambridge) impaling Mortimer

33/5    Plantagenet, duke of Clarence

33/6    Lenthal of Herefs  impaling Fitzalan

33/8    Plantagenet ( Norfolk) impaling Fitzalan

33/9    Plantagenet, Prince of Wales

33/10  Courtenay impaling Mortimer

33/12  Cornwall of Cornwall  impaling England ( royal)

33/13  Denmark ( kingdom) impaling England

33/14  Bohun impaling Fitzalan

33/15  Despenser impaling Plantagenet (York)

33/16  Plantagenet (Clarence) impaling Holand

33/18  Mortimer of the Welsh March

33/19  Holand of Kent

33/20  Holand of Kent impaling Fitzalan

33/21  Arundel Archbishop

33/22  England: Royal arms

33/23  Plantagenet, duke of Bedford

33/24  Plantagenet, duke of Gloucester

33/25  Arundel, Archbishop, personal device

33/26  Camoys of Sussex impaling Mortimer

33/27  Percy of Nland   impaling Clifford

33/28  Fitzalan impaling Plantagenet ( Lancaster)

33/29  Mortimer impaling Holand

33/30  Scrope of Bolton  impaling  Holand

33/33  Leon & Castille impaling England

33/34  Beaumont of Lincs

33/35  Montagu of Som impaling  Holand

33/37  England impaling Navarre

33/38  Percy of Northumberland, quarterings reversed

33/39  Neville of Durham impaling Holand

33/41  Christchurch Priory

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