Bay 30

For my podcast on this 'Bay of Reconciliation', or Mowbray Family Bay, please click on this link.


30/1    Stafford  of Staffs

30/2    Fitzalan of Sussex

30/3    Beauchamp of Warwicks

30/4    Byron of Lancs?

30/5    Holand earl of Huntingdon  impaling England

30/6    Strange of Knockin impaling Mohun

30/8    Edward duke of York  impaling Mohun

30/9    Mowbray of Norf  impaling Holand

30/10  Langton, Archbishop

30/12  Montagu of Som  impaling Mohun

30/13  Despencer  of Gloucs impaling Burghersh

30/14  Segrave of Derbys

30/15  Mowbray of Norf  quartering Segrave

30/16  Despencer  of Gloucs impaling Neville

30/17  Bertram of Northumberland

30/18  Neville impaling Beaufort

30/19  Holand, earl of Huntingdon

30/20  Mowbray impaling Fitzalan

30/21  Mowbray of Norfolk  shield and badge

30/22  Plantagenet, duke of Norfolk

30/23  Fitzalan  of Sussex

30/24  Neville of Durham

30/25  Pelham of Sussex impaling Grey

30/26  Mohun of Som

30/27  Strange of Knockin, Salop

30/28  Mowbray of Norf  quartering Brotherton

30/29  Despencer  of Gloucs

30/30  Neville of Durham  impaling Holand of Kent

30/31  Grey of Norfolk

30/33  Montagu of Som

30/34  Mowbray of Norf  impaling Neville

30/35  Burghersh of Kent

30/37  Mohun of Som impaling Burghersh

30/38  Mowbray of Norf  impaling  Segrave

30/39  Despencer impaling Plantagenet ( house of York)