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Bay 25

Heraldic shields Bay 25 Great cloister Canterbury Cathedral

25/4    Hackbeach of Norf

25/5    Breton of Essex

25/6    Hanningfield of Essex

25/8    Criol of Kent

25/9    On a chevron three birds heads- not identified

25/10  Lardener of London

25/12  Ash of Devon

25/13  Baynard of Essex

25/14  Barry of Kent

25/15  Clavering of London with border for difference

25/16  Byron of Lancs?

25/18  St Lo of Lincs, Chamberlain of Lincs, or Arthington

25/19  Manston of Kent

25/20  Septvans of Kent with crescent for difference

25/21  Hoorne  of Kent

25/22  Fogge of Kent

25/23  Vere of Essex

25/24  Clavering of London with crescent for difference

25/25  George, Saint

25/26  Wettenhall of Cheshire

25/27  Strother of Northumberland ( poss Remenham of Berks)

25/28  Hawte of Kent

25/29  St Nicholas of Kent

25/30  Grey of Codnor, Derbys

25/33  St Leger of Kent

25/34  Audley of Staffs

25/35  Stanhope of Notts

25/37  Hawkstone of Salop

25/38  Dallingridge of Sussex and Green of Nhants

25/38  Green of Nhants and Dallingridge of Sussex

25/39  Hanningfield of Essex quartering Colepeper and Gray

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