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Bay 17

Heraldic shields Bay 17 Great cloister Canterbury Cathedral

17/1    Cressel of Kent

17/2    Holand

17/3    Ludlow of Shropshire quartering Vernon

17/4    Brereton of Chesh

17/5    Fitznichol of Gloucs

17/6    Hawkstone of Salop

17/8    Redhugh of Durham

17/9    Shelving of Kent

17/10  Beek of Staffs

17/12  Scrope of Masham, Yorks quartering Bryan

17/13  Langley of Kent

17/14  Arthington of Yorks, or St Lo or Chamberlain of Lincs

17/15  Gascoigne of Yorks differenced with cross

17/16  Blount of Derbys

17/18  Cokefield  of Notts

17/19  Danyers of Cheshire

17/20  Cossington  of Kent

17/21  Man, kingdom of

17/22  Savage of Kent

17/23  Fitzpayne of Devon

17/24  Twitham of Kent

17/25  Langton of York

17/26  Neville of  Hornby  usurped for Dering

17/27  Wadham of Devon

17/28  St Lo of Lincs or Chamberlain of Lincs or Arthington

17/29  Leigh of Cheshire

17/30  Manston of Yorks

17/33  Luttrell of Som

17/34  Scudamore of Herefs

17/35  Criol of Kent  impaling Avranches

17/37  St Martin of East Anglia

17/38  Fulthorpe of Durham quartering Grammary

17/39  Butler of Ireland

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