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Bay 21

Heraldic shields Bay 21 Great cloister Canterbury Cathedral

21/4    Echingham of Sussex

21/5    Garnet of Essex

21/6    Despencer  of Gloucs

21/8    Strange of Blackmere

21/9    Vere of Essex

21/10  Stafford lord Bourchier

21/12  Fitzhugh of Yorks

21/13  Greystoke of Cumb

21/14  Courtenay of Devon

21/15  Mainwaring of Chesh- or Martin

21/15  Martin of Dorset- or Manwaring.

21/16  Butler of Ireland

21/18  Clifford  of Nland

21/19  Neville of Durham usurped for Dering

21/20  Fitzalan of Sussex

21/21  Plantagenet, duke Clarence

21/22  Mortimer of the Welsh Marches quartering Burgh

21/23  Zouche of Haringworth, Leics

21/24  Braybrook of Beds

21/25  Blount of Derbys

21/26  Willoughby of Lincs

21/27  Scrope of Masham, Yorks with lion on bend

21/28  Beauchamp of Warwicks quartering Newmarch

21/29  Poynings of Sussex

21/30  Camoys of Sussex

21/33  Roos of Hamlake, Yorks

21/34  Welles of Lincs

21/35  Berkeley of Gloucs

21/37  Dacre of Cumb or Clevedon of Som

21/38  Fitzalan quartering Maltravers

21/39  Beauchamp of Bergavenny, Wales

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