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Bay 14

Heraldic shields Bay 14 Great cloister Canterbury Cathedral

For my podcast on this bay, the 'Bay of Nephews' please click on this link


14/1   Cobham of Sterborough, Surrey

14/2   Cobham of Cobham, Kent

14/3   Cobham of Rundale, Kent

14/4   Aldborough of Yorks

14/5   Camoys of Sussex

14/6   Furnival of Yorks

14/8   Hastings quartering Valence ( for Gray of Ruthin)

14/9   Mortimer

14/10  Holand earl of Huntingdon

14/12  Apulderfield  of Kent

14/13  Craddock of Chesh

14/14  Plantagenet, duke of Gloucester

14/15  Cokefield of  Notts

14/16  Neville of Durham  usurped for Dering

14/18  Beauchamp of Warwicks

14/19  Mowbray quartering Brotherton

14/20  Plantagenet, duke of Bedford

14/21  England: Royal Arms

14/22  Plantagenet, duke of Clarence

14/23  Plantagenet, duke of Gloucester

14/24  Fitzalan of Sussex

14/25  Cantilupe St Thomas of Herefs

14/26  Pole of Suffolk

14/27  Cobham of Sterborough, Surrey

14/28  Plantagenet, Prince of Wales

14/29  Darcy of Lincs

14/30  Mortimer quartering Burgh

14/33  Talbot of Herefs

14/34  Plantagenet, duke of York

14/35  Armine of Lincs

14/37  Swinburne of Nland

14/38  Despencer of Gloucs quartering Clare- quarters reversed

14/39  Montagu of Som

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