Bay 18

18/1    Montagu of Som

18/2    Mortimer

18/3    Besill of Berks

18/4    Lesnes Abbey, Kent

18/5    Massy of Chesh

18/6    Catesby of Warwicks

18/8    Leventhorpe of Yorks quartering (blank)

18/9    Stablegate of Kent

18/10  Leventhorpe of Yorks differenced with border

18/12  Laton of Cumb

18/13  Clopton of Suffolk  impaling Leventhorpe

18/14  Leventhorpe of Yorks differenced with mullet

18/15  Leventhorpe of Yorks differenced with crescent

18/16  Leventhorpe of Yorks differenced with rose

18/18  Vere of Essex

18/19  Echingham of Sussex

18/20  Grey of Codnor, Derbys

18/21  Willoughby of Lincs

18/22  Deiville of Yorks

18/23  Cheyne of Kent

18/24  Bassett of Notts

18/25  Thorpe of Surrey

18/26  Buckingham, bishop

18/27  Clopton  of Suff

18/28  Sudbury, Archbishop

18/29  Bassett of Notts with annelet

18/30  Echingham of Sussex with annellet for difference

18/33  Clavering of London with border

18/34  Grey of Codnor, Derbys ( one of these for eldest son)

18/35  Leventhorpe of Yorks

18/37  Hussey of Sussex

18/38  Clinton earl of Hunts

18/39  Badlesmere of Kent

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